The Earth is Healing - Now What?

The Earth is Healing - Now What?

The shutdown from the coronavirus has given the world an opportunity to see how quickly nature can heal when given the proper space.

Suddenly the air is clean! The Ozone layer is repairing! Nature is thriving!

We are at a point of no return moment in the battle with climate change, but we must break the myths that we cannot make the changes to be environmentally friendly

Now that we have seen its possible, what choices will we make as individuals, communities and society that can support these changes and create an environment that support our lives.

The Earth is Healing – Now What? shows the beauty of our world, and looks at the technologies, brands and individual heroes working diligently to create sustainable solutions

The film features interviews with environmentalists, celebrities, politicians, manufacturers, and artists who are working to make a positive change to benefit the future of our world.